Remember Your Freedom

by Rishi & Harshil

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tanmayo music and visuals ...from the very first moment this amazing collection of powerful pieces makes me want to close my eyes, go inside...and DANCE!... Favorite track: Kambo Medicine.
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Here you go. Our brand new double album with 11 extended, powerful, strong rhythmical works for Shamanic TranceDance and more.
1h40 of lush, colorful arrangements full of drums and percussions, voices, nature and animals, enriched with modern synthetic sounds, create a perfect soundtrack to travel while dancing (preferably with your eyes closed!).
Also great for Ecstatic Dance, 5Rhythm Waves, workout or driving.
Unlike in "Forget Your Limitations", this time we did not mix the songs, so you can create your own mixes and sequences....but:


We hope you enjoy the music as much while dancing, as we enjoyed creating it.

A little note about copying: These digital songs are not copy protected, whatsoever. As a courtesy for this freedom to copy them on all your personal devices without limits, we kindly ask you to respect our copyright - please do not share them with your friends or in forums or even file sharing groups. We hope you understand, that we can only spend all that time, love and energy, if we also earn money with it. It's a matter of respect.
Thank you very much
Rishi & Harshil


released March 22, 2019

Welcome Back to another shamanic Trance Dance Journey.
It was a long journey for us to finish this album, indeed! Almost 10 years since we started the first recording sessions after our first album was already out for a year.
“Forget Your Limitations” has become quite a success for such a niche, and it still sells
and we are still content for what it has done for many seekers and dancers.
This time we planned many things for the new album - but as usual - Life unfolds
in its own mystical ways... however, in the end it became another wonderful journey
of rhythms, voices, sounds and atmospheres.

To capture the special magic of Trance Dance music in the studio is quite a challenge
and not always an easy task.
Yet – we are very satified with this creation, and we hope you can enjoy this new album
as much as we did, while creating it.

Following our first Album “Forget Your Limitations”, we created a new Music Journey honouring You and the amazing healing power of Shamanic Trance Dance.
The concept of this album is to create a soundsphere inducing trance and healing waves to dance.
The use of nature sounds further supports the connection between the musical and natural aspects of spirit and trance.

“Remember Your Freedom” is a new call to quest into your inner worlds.
It is created to support people who want to travel within, rather than just having good entertainment.
It is music to dance to with your eyes closed, or better with a bandana, to help you travel otherworlds.
The music is inducing deep trance states very easy with superb sound quality too.

All Tracks composed, performed and produced by Rishi & Harshil:
Rishi Sigurd Vlote:
Drumset, Percussions, Djembe, Congas, Bongos, Framedrum, Darbouka, Jawsharp, Log Drum, Voice, Keyboards, Beats, Programming & Mixing

Harshil Filippo Chiostri:
Djembe, Congas, Percussions,“Tachyon Bridge” Didgeridoo, Voice, Keyboards

Recorded in Italy at Podere Amarti - Toscana, & Mother Earth Music Studio – Milano
Mastered by White Sound Mastering Studio -Florence

Spirit Of The Wind Cover Artwork by Carol Cavalaris,
Cover Art by Aloka, Harshil, Rishi

“My own personal journey has been to explore the world of live Trance Dance events
and shamanic retreats and workshops. Sharing my passion for rhythms and music with
different musicians like Harshil, Dhwani Will Zapp, Shakya and many other partners
all over the world. It unfolded an amazing universe of spontaneous music, every time
we set up our multitude of instruments and began to play.
And once the journey started, and we were able to leave our controlling mind behind,
the mystery happened almost every time and carried us beyond all expectations
and the magic between the dancers and the musicians lead us into unknown spheres and spaces...”

“Having the opportunity to play music in the spirit’s flow is a priceless gift.
And even more precious when it happens with other people.
When you find a partner and a friend like Rishi, that flow is not only happening while playing together but also in a recording studio, where a lot of work is needed:the preciousness is then multiplied and an album like “Remember Your Freedom”
can be realized. Born to serve all the people who want to deeply connect
with the healing forces of the spirit world, in the power of Frank Natale’s
Trance Dance, this album makes me feel honored for all of you who’ll dance with it.”

Giving Thanks:
In deep gratitude we like to mention a few names, knowing that there are too many,
who have contributed in some way.
The Great Spirit, the Creator/Creatress of this incredible universe with everything
we can experience in every realm.
Rishi & Harshil, musical companions and friends, for their shared inspiration and support
and creativity and many crafts and qualities.
Then Rishi’s beloved Deva Leela for her amazing inspiration and loving support
in endless ways, and his beloved family Christel, Silke and family.
Harshil’s beloved Aloka, always here to support with her love and presence.
and the various Amarti workers, guests and “guinea pigs” for our music. Nirava and her staff with all their support in Italy. The Chiostri family, Vladi, Renata and the Klimciuks, including Byron and Argo.
Osho, Frank Natale, Arthur Hull and all our other teachers... Dhwani, Shakya, Tarisha, Milarepa, and oh so many other friends and people on the path.
Please feel all included in our deepest gratitude and love.
Rishi &Harshil

Trance Dance is a blend of healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms,
transformational breathing techniques and the use of a blindfold or bandana
together stimulating a “trance” state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. We move on an inner journey, not limited to normal perceptions of time & space. We can empower abilities such as courage and compassion, as well as receive insights.
We can enter the consciousness or “become” the Spirit of Nature itself - the sun, the moon, animal and plant worlds, re-absorbing their qualities to fulfill our lifes, in tune with Mother Earth.

That easily happens through the use of three simple tools:
The first tool is a bandana which covers your eyes and, shutting down the major source of distractions, it is stimulating an inner vision that reveals hidden
meanings and answers about our life. The bandana allows the dancer to witness his/her own inner experience and richness.

The second tool is the so-called Fire-Breathing technique: the dancer opens up to the
energy and the Spirit-World by a twice quick-inhale through the nose, and one exhale
through the mouth in a rhythmic sequence, until the trance is induced. You will hear this breathing in many variations as a reminder throughout the musical journey. This breathing technique energizes and heals the body by filling it with fresh
energy, while stimulating the connection with Spirit and parallel realities.

The third important ingredient is Intention: bring your attention to your heart, looking for an issue or something that needs clarity or healing, and for which you are ready to ask for support to the Spirit World in your Journey .
By keeping your focus on the intention you help Spirit to manifest healing and guidance throughout the ritual.



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Rishi & Harshil Italy

Rishi & Harshil are two drummers/percussionists. We create music for shamanic Trance Dance and focus a lot on "real" played rhythmical music.. Our approach is to create music that lets you travel deep while dancing, and to tell stories to carry you into your own worlds. We are Trance Dance-, Soul Hunting-, Sound Healing-, and Drum Circle facilitators and offer events, workshops and retreats. ... more

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